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Welcome to Ed Troxell Creative

Helping startups and small businesses build a strong web presence and develop successful business implementation strategies. I help break down the business and technology parts in a way you can actually understand it all.

Develop your understanding of design, focus on the user experience (the customer journey) and embrace technology in your business. Start receiving the tools and resources – through my online courses, guides, and one on one consulting – that give you actionable skills to move forward. Teamwork equals SUCCESS and together we will make life easier for you.

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I’m the team member who can help you sift through all the jargon and figure out what to do with the “thingy” you’re not sure what to do with and help you make sense of it all. Together we will simplify your workload and craft your customer journey. 

Whether you’re trying to learn how to get the most out of the technology you already own (your iPhone, iPad, Computer, web systems) or if you’re ready to discover better ways of doing things for your business (where to start, building your website, getting organized, working with social media, and figuring out how to maximize your time), I’m here for you.

Ed Troxell Creative

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