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I help you overcome your technology struggles. Whether you are trying to learn how to get the most out of the technology you already own (like your iPhone, iPad, or computer) or if you are trying to discover better ways of doing things for your business I’m here to help! Think of me as your tech gadget guru. If you get hung up on technology then you reach out to me. Below are my three main options. If you are unsure of which route you should go, no worries. Simply click on Contact and send me an email.

Are you looking to get organized, start an online business or even grow your small business? Often times all you need is a real person who can help guide you.

Looking for someone to design a website for you on either or Maybe you need a creative eye to look over your current website?

Moms, Dads & Grandparents trying to find someone who will make the time to help you keep up with technology? Now you can stop begging the kids to explain it to you.

I had a phone interview with Ed when I was looking for a WordPress expert, and first of all, I was so excited to talk with him in person. Guys, Ed is the real deal. After he clarified what my needs were, he referred me to another expert, who he felt would better suit my needs, and I’m just a signature away from signing a contract with her! I’m so excited about her and couldn’t have found her without Ed. Even though we didn’t end up doing business together this time around, Ed proved to be an honest, knowledgeable guy who provided value and put me first before himself. Don’t hesitate to hit him up for your tech questions!

Marilynn Allain Taylor

Entrepreneur & an Interior Designer , Marilynn Taylor

Ed Troxell Creative

The guy that makes technology Stupid Easy®

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