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The guy that makes technology Stupid Easy®

Helping startups and small businesses build a strong web presence through design — focusing on user experience — tech resources and consulting services, I help you figure out what questions to ask and where you can find the answers. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know and that is ok. That’s why you have me to help make sense of it all.

Tech Support

  • Apple device training (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iMovie, Photos)
  • Programs recommendations
  • Online service recommendations


  • Becoming an entrepreneur and organizing your ideas
  • Working through the struggles, creating action plans and establishing systems
  • Finding the right resources that fit your needs


  • Building and navigating and sites
  • Evaluating your current website, providing valuable feedback to enhance the user experience
  • UX design (Explaining and creating user flows for a better customer experience)

Whether you are trying to learn how to get the most out of the technology you already own like your iPhone, iPad, computer, or if you are trying to discover better ways of doing things for your business (getting started, building a website, figuring out social media, etc.) I’m your tech guy. Learn more about me by checking out my About page.

What does a client meeting look like?

From the Client

“Chatting with Ed helped me look at a Huge Impossible undertaking and see it’s potential. All that in 30 minutes.” – Sian (sharn) MacDonald

I had my first session with tech guru/wizard Ed Troxell. I was in tears afterwards because in literally less than one hour he taught me how to do what I’ve been struggling with for months!!!! All with a joyful spirit and caring heart. He was just beyond words awesome. Such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and spirit. Ed Troxell You are the best! I’m so excited for you, and thankful to have you as an invaluable resource to help me build my business. You are gifted in taking the fear/anxiety out of working on the tech side of our businesses.

Linda Cannon


I had a phone interview with Ed when I was looking for a WordPress expert, and first of all, I was so excited to talk with him in person. Guys, Ed is the real deal. After he clarified what my needs were, he referred me to another expert, who he felt would better suit my needs, and I’m just a signature away from signing a contract with her! I’m so excited about her and couldn’t have found her without Ed. Even though we didn’t end up doing business together this time around, Ed proved to be an honest, knowledgeable guy who provided value and put me first before himself. Don’t hesitate to hit him up for your tech questions!

Marilynn Allain Taylor

Entrepreneur & an Interior Designer

Ed Troxell Creative

The guy that makes technology Stupid Easy®

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