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Ed Troxell Creative brings all the digital pieces together, providing you with the tools & resources to help you get the job done!

Many people feel like they don’t know how to use technology or even find the methods to educate themselves. But at Ed Troxell Creative, I provide you with the tools to overcome these obstacles. I can help you find the motivation within yourself to make technology Stupid Easy™ – and I do that by giving you the tools and resources you need.

Whether you’re looking for personal help or professional assistance, Ed Troxell Creative can help you get to the next step. Known as the “The guy that makes technology Stupid Easy™ and a tech gadget guru who’s not afraid to work,” I break everything down and tailor it to your specific needs. Ed Troxell Creative provides training on things like how to start a small business or learning how to use your iPhone or iPad  or designing a website. Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Business coaching
  • Technology (iPhone, iPad, mobile apps)
  • Training and advice
  • Social media education
  • Designing websites

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Ed Troxell Creative — The guy that makes technology Stupid Easy™!

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