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You came for…

Feedback – testing your website, app, and going through your customer journey to see what can be improved

Ideas – When you need help coming up with new ideas and deciding which one to go with – you know opportunities are sitting right in front of you and you just need help discovering them

Organization – You know being organized saves you time, money, and alleviates stress, you just need someone to help you implement the right systems & processes to get there

Tech – tech is not your thing and that’s ok. Yet, you still need to figure out what you need to buy? Where should you get it? And, learn how to use it

Resources – You’re busy building your business so you need someone who can help you figure out what it is you’re trying to research and who can bring you the results so that you can decide what works or doesn’t for your specific project at hand.

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Are you a Y-Notter?

A Y-Notter is someone who…

  • has an idea and is willing to research it and take notes along the way
  • is willing to step outside of their comfort zone and take a risk
  • is constantly providing value without expecting anything in return

Because why not?



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