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“How can I make it better?” That is the first question that comes to mind when I look at and engage with a product or service.

Growing up watching my dad innovate – being his own boss – working for and alongside small businesses, and even running my first business MIX IT UP Magazine, I’ve always found myself looking for the opportunities that are sitting right in front of people, untouched.

I am constantly compelled to help people explore their opportunities, to getting them to ask themselves how they, too, can make their product or service better and easier to access for their clients (known as the user experience/customer journey).

“Think of a meeting with me as a personally tailored in-depth date with a search engine that has already bookmarked the best possible tabs and can help you get there quickly.”

I’m a teacher and an innovator. I help startups and small businesses discover the Stupid Easy® ways of using technology to further reach their goals. My mission is to educate soon to be entrepreneurs and small business owners and help them along their way to success.

Still plugging away at the 9 to 5 or thinking about starting a business, blog, or website, and you don’t know where to go next? I’m here to help. Let me simplify the overwhelming questions you have surrounding:

  • How to get more out of the technology you already own
  • How to start and run an online business
  • And how to make it easier for clients to access and use your products and services

Wherever you are in your journey, you have questions and I have answers.


Now is the time to figure out:


How you’re going to get started


How you’re going to fix that problem with your website


How you are going to get organized


How you’re going to convert your social media following from apathetic to engaged


And how you’re going to maximize the technology you’re already using while saving money

Get started on a brand new version of your entrepreneurial journey

Start from a place of clarity and know where you need to go next. I’m not just passionate about my knowledge; I’m passionate about connecting people with the right resources for their needs. It’s about creating conversations that build relationships, which means I’m never hesitant to refer you to the perfect resource,  whether they are mine or not.

When you’re working with me, we will tackle your anxieties and work through your technological struggles so that you can develop the confidence you need to attack work in your zone without being distracted by systems that aren’t serving you.

I’m a small business owner, just like you, and I’ve been through what you’re going through no matter what stage of the process you’ve reached. I’m here to provide you with what you’ve been missing and give you the tools that allow you to pivot away from the rookie mistakes that brand new businesses and established businesses starting to scale make all the time.

It’s impossible to hide my love of planning, organizing, and researching the best possible solutions for a problem. If that’s not you, that’s ok. It’s what I do! I’m here to turn all of my organizational and entrepreneurial experience on your pressing questions and whip your solutions into shape.

Let’s start something together, whether you start with a one on one consultation or a course, and through our work, I will help you to create and implement strategies that will make your job infinitely easier while multiplying your results. More effort doesn’t always mean better results. The right efforts, applied at the right time and to the right problems will create opportunities and potential you never saw coming.


Founder of Stupid Easy® an online learning platform.

Ed has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, a certificate in Sales & Marketing, and over 10 years experience working alongside and for small businesses. His work experiences encompasses everything from business mentoring to social media education to designing web pages to technology training (showing you how to use your Apple iPhones, iPads, Mac’s & even mobile apps).

Personality test results

The Pusher – “You love to see others succeed. You have big dreams and big plans– But get your real charge from empowering others to accomplish their goals.You can see the end game and are the first person people turn to when they need a pick me up. Your best skill is thinking of all the different elements and pieces to make someone’s plan excellent – and blasting through their negativity to push them towards their goals.”

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My whole theory of Stupid Easy work revolves around my desire to teach you where and when to invest your energy to save time and money and generate exponentially greater results. Everyone starts somewhere. Today you start here!

Are you ready?

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