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Dropping this gem here for all of you in the webinar world. 

Webinar platforms! Most of us are searching for the right one. Some might have one, but are not in love with it. While it is still the early stages, it was love at first sight for Expertise and me!
The user interface on this one is amazing and it has everything built in (landing pages, email automation, one on one coaching, and more). I just had a call yesterday to go over the features and was sold! I had planned on sticking with the free plan for a while, but after the call I upgraded to the $25 plan as I knew I would want to download my webinars.
Speaking of download, the minute you start your webinar it automatically starts recording. All your webinars are recorded and saved for you. This allows you to keep all of your past webinars. Chat and polls are built in. You can screen share. You can export your attendee list and add them to your email marketing program like MailChimp. I mean, the options are endless! I’m not even going to go into the one on one coaching calls right now – that’s for another time.
Oh and did I mention that there are no limits on how many people can attend your webinar? Yeah, that’s right! UNLIMITED. Oh, and, and, the video quality is amazing!!! I have not seen this on any of the other webinar platforms. Expertise built the platform so its users can get top quality video streaming with no hiccups. As you can see, I am blown away! Rather than continuing to write about it, why don’t you go experience Expertise for yourself?
Here is my landing page with my affiliate link (I told you, love at first sight)