Ideas to creation


Your creativity can be a blessing and a curse. Overwhelm can stifle the best ideas you’ve ever had if it leaves you totally stuck and without an actionable next step.

Do you find yourself staring at your computer not sure what to do next? You’ve had an idea, bang! A light has gone off, a cannon has sounded, and you’re full of energy and motivation until you run out of information and the wall of what you don’t know seems too immense to attempt to climb.

Maybe you’ve tried programs, coaches or even courses in the past and it’s gotten you nowhere – or maybe this is your first time staring down the mountain of information you feel as though you absolutely have to synthesize now or what’s the point of even getting started?

Teamwork equals success – that’s what I always say – and I’m ready to join your team. Click to learn more about how I can help you figure out where to start. Together we can work to prioritize your tasks, identify your technology needs, and to develop systems by which you will move through each task to the next.

I love the info you share because it makes my business life easier!

Midori V.

From the client

Ideas in motion


You know that you have a great idea that has found its way to becoming a fantastic product or service. You’re ready to hit the ground running and that can open you up to a world of endless possibilities. Some of which typically start with building a website:


  • Getting your domain name
  • Figuring out what hosting is and if you need it
  • Bugging your Facebook friends about the best WordPress themes
  • And spending a boatload of money on all things web design

Stop. Take a breath. The next step is important: you don’t just want to build a website, you want to craft the user experience. Crafting the user experience requires as much effort and attention and careful consideration as creating your business idea did in the first place. Think about this:


How many websites have you visited that were clunky or difficult to use?


How many had confusing language or a strange layout or didn’t seem to make their point and help you find your way to what you need?


How many businesses have you interacted with that offered lazy customer service or seemed totally disorganized?

It’s a total turnoff when the user experience – both online and offline – are not well crafted. Trust me, making the time to craft the user’s experience will pay off and make you stand out.

I had my first session with tech guru/wizard Ed Troxell. I was in tears afterward because in literally less than one hour he taught me how to do what I’ve been struggling with for months!!!! All with a joyful spirit and caring heart. He was just beyond words awesome!

Linda C.

It all starts with you taking the first step

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