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The power of learning something new these days is stronger than ever with easy access to online courses. Offering you a variety of small business courses and webinars, you can learn everything from the basics of starting and running a small business to designing your own website.


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Social Media Strategy For Beginners

This first appeared on The Huffington Post. We all know the power of social media. But do you know about the power of having a social media strategy? Yes, there is great benefit to approaching your social media campaigns with both strategy and organization. Jumping...

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The 4 E’s to grow your following on live stream

I had a great night in San Francisco on Tuesday at the Blab headquarters for the #SummitLive conference with Midori Verity. The main presenter Dana Garrison shared some INCREDIBLE information. She discussed the 3 E’s to growing your following. These are 3 simple...

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How to successfully moderating a Facebook Group

Have you ever considered starting a Facebook group, but you didn’t quite know how to manage its content? Or perhaps you want to know more about the best way to strategize the management of your group? Today’s post is dedicated to you! I am going to share specific ways...

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Not Getting Comments on Your Post? This could be why

In this Periscope broadcast (broadcast was previously on Katch.me which is no longer avaialble so the broadcast has been removed) I covered the importance of testing your website and seeing how easy it is to comment on your site. Chances are you are not taking the...

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