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Why read it? This is a must read for anyone planning any kind of launch for a new product or service.

The lean startup

The Lean Startup

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Why read it? Amazing insight on starting and running a lean business. It reminds you why you want to “launch lean” and that you don’t have to wait for everything to be “perfect.” You just need to launch!

Invent it. Sell it. Bank it.

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Why read it? This is basically an entrepreneur’s holy bible. Lori covers pretty much everything you need to know from taking your idea to market. Hands down one of the best books I’ve read this year!


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Why read it? Faith-based, Tim covers the core values and emphasizes why you need to be passionate about what you do and be comfortable with who you are.


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Why read it? Steve Harvey talks about why you need to make the “jump” and explains why he owned that big moment from the pageant.



Check out Value, Proposition, Design here

Why read it? You need to create user-friendly products and services that everyone can understand. This book helps you do that.

Check out Profit from your idea here

Why read it? Nolo is THE legal resource for whatever you are looking for. This book gives great insights on what it takes to license your ideas and how you can do it.

Check out The Art of Social Media here

Why read it? A popular choice for anyone wanting to step up their social media game. Learn from the pro’s and master the art of social media.

Why read it? This one will motivate and inspire you to “maximize your potential.” I read this on vacation and couldn’t put it down. Great quotes inside too!

Check out Maximize Your Potential

Check out DotCom

Check out The Art of War

Check out Sprint