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Small Business Resources

SCORE workshops

Small Business Administration (SBA): Independent agency of the government that provides resources to anyone looking to start or run a small business.

Advice on how to approach a company

Partnerships for dummies

Protect your identity and file for an EIN

Learn how to Say No To Friends

Prescription Drug savings


How to write a business plan lenders can’t shrug off by Shopify

Looking for software? Capterra is a software database

Boomerang for Gmail – start scheduling your emails and get reminders to follow up

Virtual assistance (VA) – A place to find virtual assistances to help you get your work done

Google Apps for Business AMAZING!!! I have my email routed through it so I don’t have to worry about space

Teamwork– Project management. Amazing tool with everything you need, all in one place! (*I’m an affiliate)

Best scheduling app Acuity Scheduling ($10/ month & no hidden fees. Online booking made easy!)

Evernote is the easiest way to keep track of your notes on all your devices

Time tracking app Toggl

10 Productivity apps for Freelancers 

Flow – All your teams communication

Trademark, Copy Right & Patents

Thinking about filing a Trademark?

Get the basics of a copy right, trademark and patent

Should you file a Patent?

“Can You Use or Reproduce the Work of Others on Your Website or Blog? The Low Down on Copyright


Hello sign is the perfect solution as their free plan allows you 3 documents a month.

PDF Online Editor

eSign – easily get documents signed


W9 form & yes you need it if…

A Freelancer’s guide to taxes by Turbo Tax


Launching Legal covering live-streaming (Periscope) online business and online courses

Legal assistance from Rodgers Collective they had a great webinar on How not to get sued

12 Questions for a freelance contract attorney

6 Common legal mistakes & how to avoid them

How to hire an attorney

Small business lawyer: Flack Law

Getting Paid

How to say goodbye

Make sure you get paid!

Salary or Draw? How to Pay Yourself as An Owner | QuickBooks

Paying yourself from your startup

10 ways to make money online

10 Best ways to sell digital products

Looking for Apps?