WordPress made Stupid Easy®

Everything you need to get a website up on WordPress.org in just under an hour

Building a website can be such a pain especially if you aren’t a techie.

You know your business needs a website. Maybe you’re stuck at that step of building a website and wondering things like…

  • Where do I buy a domain name (your URL)?
  • What platform should I build my site on: Squarespace, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, WIX?!?
  • Do I need hosting for my website? What about a theme for my website?
  • I can’t afford a web designer, how can I build a website I can be proud to show off?


Save $1,000-3,000 per website launch

No more hiring a designer for every website you want to launch. Whether on a tight budget or just prefer to design your own website eliminate the upfront investment and increase the profitability of your launch.

Launch on your time

No more waiting around for a designer to have room in their schedule. Once you own WordPress made Stupid Easy™ you will learn how to set up your website and launch whenever YOU are ready.

Stay in control of your site

Learning how to build your own website (the Stupid Easy™ way) allows you to no longer have to rely on someone else to get you started. Once up and running you can then focus on design and laying out each page.

No more guessing involved. 

I’ll tell you exactly what to do to get your website up and running on WordPress.org in just under an hour. Everything from where to buy a domain name to setting up web hosting, installing WordPress and picking out a theme. All you have to do is cut out an hour or so from your day and follow my simple steps provided in this course.

YOU can build your own website when given the right tools and resources.

I know how it feels to have a limited budget and wanting to do things on your own. That’s why I built this course to empower YOU to take the first steps in building your very own website. If you are curious about building your own website then you need to take this course. You can’t beat this price point for building your very own website.

Remember, a website is never perfect and will constantly change and grow with you.

THANK YOU!!!!! I would just be walking around crying trying to figure out all of these first steps to get my site set up!! I am sooooo grateful to for this program (WordPress made Stupid Easy® course) and all of the support you have given me.

Jess H.

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